We’re with you every day

We get you. The safety of yourself, your loved ones and your possessions is most important.

You want every day to be another day. Today, tomorrow and into the future.

There are risks in life, but you can take steps to reduce them, and fire safety is one area of importance you can take some control of to minimise risks and ensure your everyday comes again.

Everyday is a brand of essential fire safety products available across Australia to help keep safe you and everything that matters in your life.

Our range includes smoke alarms that are perfect for every room of your home, fire extinguishers to help you take action against a fire should one occur, and fire blankets that are an essential addition to every kitchen since that’s where most house fires start.

Prevention is always better than cure, and the investment of a few bucks today can return in multiples should the unexpected happens tomorrow.

It’s looking after your every day.

And we’re with you.