Everyday Fire Blanket 1 x 1m

An essential fire blanket for quickly smothering fires in home and office cooking areas

Product code EDFB1010.

About the Everyday Fire Blanket 1 x 1m

This 1 x 1 meter Everyday Fire Blanket is perfect for keeping in kitchens or around the office so you’re prepared to smother a fire in case of emergency. It can be used against fires from flammable materials like wood, paper and textiles, fires caused by liquids like grease and alcohol fires. Designed to be kept in homes, offices, caravans and other places where a fire could occur.

  • Essential for kitchens and workshops with liquid fire risks
  • Easy-to-use 1.0 meters by 1.0 meters
  • Durable metal eyelet for simple installation
  • Two-year warranty
  • Compliant with Australian Standard AS3504:2006


Meets standard



Wall mountable




2 years